Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CakePHP: controller without models

How to create a controller without models. When you don't specify anything in a controller: Error: Database table tableName for model modelName was not found. So, you can do this:
class PagesController extends AppController {
  var $name = 'Pages';
  var $uses = array();#this controller uses no models...
And now you can edit your views and that's it...

Magento - small fixes from 1.2

After announcing the release of Magento 1.2, version was already announced one day later (30 december)... Release notes for version
  • Fixed checking customer ID in download controller
  • Fixed “Incorrect table name…” SQL error during upgrade on some MySQL versions
In Magento 1.2 the highlights were:

  • Added downlodable product type
  • Implemented fulltext search
  • Added layered navigation to search results
  • Added option to disable Google checkout for selected products
  • Added fixed amount product taxes
  • Upgraded ZF library to version 1.7.2

Monday, January 05, 2009

What happened meanwhile...

Well, I got back from UK... KLM lost my luggage... So today I'm recovering them... Had my shoppings in there... suits, shirts and other stuff from M&S... Today I started a bit late, like at 4pm...:D This week I won't be able to write so often, but keep close because until next week I will publish more chapters on ZF Tutorials, Magento and other web frameworks... Happy New Year!!!