Tuesday, August 16, 2005

12th Brainbench badge

It's official, I know how to use Windows XP :D Well, I tested my skills in Computer Fundamentals (Win XP), and passed the test... Too many questions related to windows help system, I guess there were 10-12 question about how to use windows help, how to search, about the results and so on, and this is not my strong point, because I don't use windows help... Anyway, got this orange badge: Until now, my Brainbech Certifications, did not help me too much, here in Romania there are many employers that have no idea what Brainbench is... Sad

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OKreationz said...

To be honest I am not sure that Brainbench certifications are that important here in the States either .. I am a web programming and web admin student here.. second year.. I just passed the javascript brainbench and have about 20 others.. but other than marking personal achievement .. I dont know if they will b emuch help in the "Real" world of jobs. We have to pass at least one a year to finish our course.. lol..