Thursday, March 09, 2006

Zend framework preview

Zend framework preview is out... after some quick fixes, the discussions started... Chris Shiflett wrote a tutorial for php|arch (in a big hurry it seems)... I consider the Model in an MVC framework a key component, while in this tutorial Chris uses a Database object, no ZActiveRecord ( I thought zend will find the Panacée for Active Record), no ORM library (Zend_Db_Table - Row Data Gateway, Zend_Db_Table_Row or any Zend_Db component). He explains that: "Because the database components of the Zend Framework are still relatively unstable, I use a class for storing and retrieving news entries and comments" ... Is understandable because this is just a preview release, but I was expecting more... The coding standards are not followed... (tabbed indented files, 2 spaces indented file)... It seems there is alot of work to be done.. Yesterday Zend Framework Preview 0.1.2 was released; important updates: unit tests and controller documentation :) For testing is used: PHPUnit2, not simpleTest, not Test::More... I hope that soon we will see a stable framework, that can be compared with Zope...

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