Thursday, June 28, 2007

Installing Adobe AIR on Windows Vista

1. Download Adobe AIR SDK from Adobe labs

2. Extract the archive to a designated folder, in our case E:\AIR. (I am using 7-zip

3. You need to set PATH environment variable to your Adobe AIR bin folder (E:\AIR\bin). To do that, right click on "My Computer" and click on Properties:

4. Click on Advanced system settings and then on the new window click on Environment Variables:

Select "PATH" and click Edit...
Then, type: ;E:\AIR\bin

5. Press Ctrl + R and type cmd. Then type: adt. If a meessage like:

Too few arguments.
adt -package ...

comes up, then Adobe AIR is installed on your system.

6. Now, to really run something on AIR. Open on your browser: Adobe AIR sample applications.

Download Fresh, which is an rss reader built using HTML/javascript/ajax & co and unzip it to E:\AIR\samples\Fresh.
The contents of the folder should look something like this:

Now open a console (if you closed the previous one) and type: e: (go to drive E: or whatever drive you used to unzip Adobe AIR sdk) and then type: cd E:\AIR\samples\Fresh.
Now type: adl application.xml:

And now we have Fresh running on AIR:



Bruja! said...

I'm sorry because my english....
after follow your steps, the problem i have installing air 1.5 is that i type adl applications.xml and nothing happens... the cmd prompt stay static...
and when i want run an air application, and i make double click in an air icon and windows tell me that cannot open this file.... please help me

Trechix said...

I installed it in C:\AIR\ and followed all the steps accurately, putting ;C:\AIR\bin in the PATH input. But, when I'm entering 'adt' in CMD it gives me the following:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\NiNi FrEsh.JOSE-PC>adt
No arguments were found
adt -checkstore SIGNING_OPTIONS
adt -certificate -cn ( -ou )? ( -o )? ( -c )?
adt -help
adt -migrate SIGNING_OPTIONS
adt -package SIGNING_OPTIONS ( -target air )? ( FILE_OPTIONS
| )
adt -package SIGNING_OPTIONS? -target native SIGNING_OPTIONS?
adt -prepare FILE_OPTIONS
adt -version

SIGNING_OPTIONS: -storetype ( -keystore )? ( -storepass )?
( -alias )? ( -keypass )? ( -providerName )? ( -tsa <
url> )?

C:\Users\NiNi FrEsh.JOSE-PC>