Monday, November 19, 2007

About London and Copenhagen

I was saying in my previous posts that I will come back with details about Convergence 2007 at Copenhagen and about couple of days in London, but never took the time to write about it, and now things are not so fresh in my memory. What remained about Copenhagen: - Dynamics AX is a powerful business solutions suite; it's impressive the work it's done for developing the platform for building solutions, building solutions and making them work together; also migrating from a version to another it's a challenge - I got to see how the software should show you the perspective of your business (dashboards, KPI, action not only reaction) - Windows Server 2008 is overrated; I am annoyed that it's built on the same platform as Vista, has stuff fixed and no public SP released yet (file copying issues) - Copenhagen it's a great city to work in; clean, less traffic, bicycles, nice peoples, healthy way of life - it's an expensive city compared to Rome, Paris, Madrid, even London in some aspects - the underground it's great, you can have a front-window seat About London I classified London as a great place to work/have your office. It's not a city to spend your holidays and you should take a trip for 2 weeks once, and that's it... So: - great place to work - very nice parks - crowded underground at some hours of the day - weather is not friendly - the sky is amazing when it's clear, very nice blue - quite an expensive city It's a good idea to work in London during the week (and stay there) and live in France (where you spent your weekends); work week should have at most 4 days :). I hope I'll have the change to visit Switzerland soon...

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