Saturday, February 26, 2005

Busy week

This week has been a very busy one for me. I supposed to go to Constanta on Sunday, but I had some technical difficulties: took me more than 20 hours to make 4 mini-Dv from a Sony Camera VCD's. Never thought It will take so long... Well, after that, I had to assemble a PC and the motherboard jumper FSB was set to 133, the processor (Duron 900 :) ) is working on 100, so I had a hard time figuring the problem (after testing memory, resetting BIOS I solved it). I put some 512SDRAM on it and it loaded faster than my own (this PC was for my cousin - a nice present). When all was finished, was way to late to go to the train station. I woke up next morning, got the computer and went to the train station: destination Constanta - beach during wintertime. I wanted to take a 1st class ticket for a "rapid" train, but the cash desk lady recommended me to get a 2nd class ticket because the only difference is the chair color, and she was right. Actually 1st class wagons have no compartments, while 2nd class do [and the price difference is about 60% or more...]. Romania, what can you say more... Anyway, got to Constanta, went to the village where my cousin lives, I delivered the PC, installed it, everybody happy... So, I stayed for lunch and got the next train back. The folks there told me that 2 weeks ago, the snow was 2m high, covered their windows and doors, a helicopter came to bring them supplies. Only melted snow on the fields reminded of the polar climate :) Nice trip though. Next day, went to work and restarted my 9-23 schedule :). It's good from time to time to experience other things: I haven't assembled a computer for some while and I thought I'm rusty, but I managed well, learned how much time takes to make a mini-dv VCD.

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