Saturday, February 26, 2005


Nandini Doreswamy published on alistapart an article on Bulleted Lists: Multi-Layered Fudge. The idea is to create 2 side by side paragraphs and each one to have a bulleted list: sample Nice idea, I'm thinking about using something similar in my next design for this blog. This can replace the current static position that I applied. Continuing on CSS, on Digital Web magazine I found an article in which Karen Morrill-McClure writes a review on The Zen of CSS Design, a book about the designs found on Actually, I find this book for beginners in CSS, those who want to understand what CSS can do and why use such design. The two articles that are posted before this one, are interviews with the author's. Seems this week is dedicated to that book :). On mezzoblue is mentioned the book articles triade.

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