Monday, October 22, 2007

Convergence 2007 Day 1

Monday, we arrived about noon in Copenhagen. Wanted to take the train/metro to the hotel, but the system was down... We searched for a taxi. A verry interesting thing is that most taxi are Mercedes (E-Klasse, C), later we saw a Crysler 300C and a VW Passat. The charge is between 10 and 15 kr (1 eur is 7.3/7.4 kr). We paid 12.5 kr per km. Was about 30 euros to get to the hotel. The conference is held at Bella Center, which is quite close to the airport. The first day is Partners Day, so I had no access. We got to the hotel; one room for non-smoking wasn't ready yet, so got only one room and we said we will come back later to get the other one when is ready. After more than a half day on the road, went to get someting to eat. A nice restaurant close to hotel (in Vesterport) was the chosen place. Had some chineese soup (chicken, mushroom, sweat and spicy) and I had some salmon steak with patatoes. Really good, but the lunch got to be quite expensive (about 25 euro). And of course drunk Tuborg. Went back to the hotel, got the other room and went for a walk in Copenhagen... First we went by metro to Bella Center. Surprizes in Copenhagen: - when you take the metro, you get the tickets, but you are not forced to use them; you can get in without any restrictions; from time to time there are some check-ins; - the front of the metro has no "driver", it's glass and you can have quite a view staying in the front; - lots of people on bicycle; youngs, middle age, older people, all on bicycles; - there is no traffic, verry few cars (found out later that the cars are very expensive: 2-4 times more than in other countries - VW Touareg is about 1.5 mil kr ~ 200.000 euro); - everyone speaks English; better or worse, no matter the age everybody understands and speaks English; It's an amazing city. Anyway, got to Bella Center, registered, got a nifty bag and marketing materials, a pen from a partner and a notebook (paper notebook :D). Walked in Copenhagen, almost got to the Little Mermaid, but got there when the area was closing, so we were turned around; got home around 21, and went to sleep. Pictures taken will be posted later...

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