Friday, October 26, 2007

London - Day One

I was intending some kind of live blogging from Convergence 2007, but I didn't catch up with it. I wrote memos for the sessions I went to and after that went out in have something to eat and some (4 people - 26 pints - I don't quite know the right measure for .5 liters glass) danish beer. I will write about each day and the session I thought were interesting later and postdate them. This morning I had breakfast, packed and went to the Copenhagen airport to get my SAS flight to London. The flight took about 2 hours... In Copenhagen weather is cold (3-9 o Celsius) and I had thick clothes on me and I had to run to get to my boarding gate because I arrived a bit late. It was not a confortable thing to do. From the airport I used the underground to get to Picadilly Circus (22 stations), got the wrong ticket (zone 6, and I had to get to zone 1), but i could get it refunded and in Picadilly got the right one. Cloudy weather, but it's not so cold as in Copenhagen. Now I am pretty tired and I'm having some coffe (no sturbucks near, but it's a good coffe); also I checked my email and wrote this blog post. So, stay tuned; as soon as I have some time, I will write about some really nifty things like the new Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Dynamics AX 5 and 6, Enterprise Portal and so on...

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