Friday, December 26, 2008

Magento 1.2 Alpha is available on SVN

Magento just published on twitter and their blog the Magento 1.2 alpha availability on SVN. List of changes in Magento 1.2 is also available. Fixed stuff regarding i18n and layout, calculations, taxes and so on... Also ZF is upgraded to 1.7.2... A new feature is: downloadable products (a sneak peak was published a few days ago on Magento's blog: Sneak Peek: Downloadable Products in Magento 1.2); another feature is the fulltext search... Being an alpha version we will see more changes in the near future... I eagerly expect fixes in documentation, wiki urls and so on, because it looks totally unprofessional to see recommended articles on Wiki linked to pages that do not exist (eg: lightbox integration article - now is features but the page is empty in wiki), incomplete documentation and so on... Happy Holidays!

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