Thursday, December 25, 2008

Installing Magento from SVN

On Magento website, go to Downloads -> SVN. Current version is Magento 1.1. To svn checkout (latest stable):
svn checkout
Create a folder in htdocs magento11 an checkout using a svn client (Tortoise svn for windows is really nice). If you have a webserver installed on your system, acces:
Automatically you will be redirected to install: Make sure you have mod_rewrite enabled, and Allow override so Magento's .htaccess file can override some configs. 1. First step in installing Magento is to agree terms and conditions:
2. Localization (note: I can't seem to find UK Pound in the list):

3. Database connection and Web access options: Make sure you provide a valid account for MySQL.
4. Personal Information, Login Information and Encryption Key:
5. You are all set!


magento developers said...

who is magento developer with familiar, that's useful this Subversion (SVN) Access. this post are useful to magento installer and magento learner.Magento Developers

Jen said...

Do you have any idea if there is a way to check out an older version of magento with SVN?

Chis Florinel said...

You can check out an older branch:


or work in progress: